Zombie Boy 

Recently I was exploring that moment when you change yourself into the person you are meant to become, the person you’ve always been and is hidden inside you, but due society restrictions and what is imposed to us since childhood – those expectations the world has of us, of what we are meant to be, the job we are supposed have, the partner we are supposed to love…blah blah blah…….

In most people’s life’s I want to believe it will happen to everyone, (unless their inner self if psychopath…then better to keep it in) at some point we free ourselves from all of those rules and we become the person we were always meant to be, and we feel the freedom of ‘being you’.    

But before someone transforms itself, there’s a moment of change, of evolution, when we leave our old self behind and at that moment in life we decide when something happens, we evolve, wether that change is internal or external. 


In the subject of evolution, self change and ‘Being you’ I’ve chosen Rick Genest for my inspiration post, one of my favourite models, as he is Art himself, beautifully inked for eternity as ‘Zombie Boy’. 

Diane x


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