Joshua Kane SS16 ‘Grand Illusion’

Joshua Kane’s ‘Grand Illusion’ collection was unveiled after a looooooong wait…but was totally worth waiting for!!

Hosted at the Old Spitafields Market, the event started with a lovely roof/terrace reception/drinks full of interesting faces, from Joshua’s regular friends, members of the press, bloggers, celebrities…One of the faces in the crowd that we were more excited to see was the extraordinary Photographer Ellen Von Unwerth. Well that’s whom I was…more excited to for our friend Laila the most exciting person to meet was Calum not that many people a part from us would care about this tiny bit of gossip…but it had to be said. 

Going back to the most important thing..the clothes. Inspired by the 20th Century’s Illusionists and Magicians which, at that time were like Rock Stars. Some of those gentleman are…electrical engineer Nikola Tesla, British Watch-Maker turned Magician John Nevil, Parisian magician Jean Eugene and Robert-Houdin.

From start to the end of the catwalk show we felt absorbed by the magic that the collection itself had, every single detail was made to perfection. And live music from Hello Operator made the event even more memorable. 


In the collection there were unique cloths developed with Yorkshire Mill Joseph H Clissold including “The Illusion Wave”, woven as a tapestry with architectural arches that create the illusion of perspective and can be seen in the beautifully tailored Jackets, suits, waits-coats, blankets and exclusive travel bag.

Joshua’s signature polka dot is seen with a lager dot patterns in full black and white suits, skinny pants with turn ups, slim cut jackets perfectly sculpted to the body and with woven ties, cut away shirts and brogues to finalise the look.  

For the first time lifestyle accessories such as travel cases and sunglasses were added to the collection, and what a majestic addition that was; with its eyewear in gold plated and marbled acetate frames and their mirrored polarised lenses, those sunglasses are definitely on our summer wish list for next year. Luxurious pieces of luggage some made of alligator print leather, matt studded leather, and one made of the illusion wave which is 100% wool with leather trim were a very powerful addition to the collection. 

Well the must have list is everything is a must have! But for now you can enjoy his ss15 and soon aw15 at his beautiful store by Old Spitafields Market or just check his website.

Diane Loren 


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