Mad Hatter’s Tea Party @ Vivienne Westwood’s

I could start by talking about the beautiful Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’s windows at the Vivienne Westwood Conduit Store were, or I could talk about Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland’s book and how much I loved it since as long as I can remember, or….I could even write about the beautifully tasty Green Tea cocktails and cupcakes at the party were. Or….what about how grateful I am that I meet Dame Vivienne Westwood and that she signed a copy of the 150th Anniversary of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland book for me.

But I know that what she would want me to write is about more relevant matters; like our wonderful planet and how important it  is to keep it healthy and to look after it. As after all EARTH is our home. Or to write about Capitalism.

So I’ve decided that the best thing I could do is to quote some of Vivienne’s own words, that can also be found in the 150th edition of the book. 

Diane Loren 

End Capitalism
Everyone is talking about the end of Capitalism together with how we transfer to a post-carbon economy. We have no choice. The answer is simple; what’s good for the planet is good for the people.
It’s great that we have identified the common enemy as capitalism itself. 

Every demostration is a fight against capitalism against the government and against austerity. Everything is connected. 

Capitalism is is the enemy of the bees, capitalism is the enemy of human rights. Everything is connected.

And when Occupy says “We are the 99%” that means that the 1% is Capitalism. –Vivienne Westwood



Images by Diane Loren

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