Since 2009, when Liam Gallagher founded his first menswear label Pretty Green, the brand has developed from been a casual rock star at the weekends look, to a full Monday-Friday work to weekend range. And that’s what Pat Salter’s presented this 5th season of Pretty Green Black Label at LCM a complete collection of versatile, fun, stylish and with a definite 60s flair looks.

We arrived at The London Edition Hotel ten minutes before the show was about to start, the downstairs venue was absolutely packed, with the coolest of the cool, squeezed waiting for the show to start. We managed to get a space in the crowd and of course….we spotted ‘Mr John Hurt’ imagine our excitement when we saw him, but obviously, we stayed cool as one does at those events and wait under the lights heat for the show to start.

Lights went off….and it started. ‘The Tour’ a 60s inspired by the rivalry of The Beatles and The Beach Boys and ‘The British Invasion’ in the US, when we brought the music, the fashion and film to our fellow Americans….and they loved it!

With music from the Beatles and The Beach Boys we were sent back in time to the most fun era the 60s and what is more fun that the 60s…been a Rock Star in the 60s and that’s was it, super cool 60s guys in 2015 and we liked it!

There’s a particular piece in the collection that got our attention at the show, worn by model Dylan Hartigan and inspired by Brian Wilson similar piece. Is The Black double breasted Shearling Coat. There were wonderful understated Prince of Wales suits, and there was that moment when ‘Tell Me Why’ from The Beach Boys started playing and we were amused by a double breasted black furry coat with printed trousers. The closing look a white Sheepskin Coat with a hud sheepskin. And there were also noticeable the printed shirts, holdall bags, trousers influenced by The Beach Boys ‘Wild Honey’ album and hand drawn at the Pretty Green studio by one of their Artists.

We’ll have to wait until July to see those at the shops, so for now check out the pictures.

Diane Loren  

Backstage images courtesy of Pretty Green.

For the spring summer 15 collection go to:




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