Kingsman: The Secret Service

From Matthew Vaughn’s director of Kick Ass, comes a new spy comedy with style. Kingsman: The Secret Service with an outstanding cast. Inspired by the 2012 comic book the movie is quirky, funny, and mostly with a great display of style! 

“The suit is a modern gentleman’s armour. And the Kingsman agents are the new knights.”- Galahad

The best of all, you can now look like a Kingsman, as the entire collection is available at Mr Porter, yes, you heard can now be an elegant spy and make your days at work a bit more interesting…….. 

Mr Porter has teamed up with costume designer Ms Arianne Phillips director Matthew Vaughn’s and a selection of some of the best British brands, to create a new menswear label “Kingsman” with a 60 piece collection for the Modern Gentleman. 

Opening in cinemas on January 29th, 2015.

To get the full collection go to MR PORTER

Diane Loren

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