The model who changed models.
In the 80s and 90s we had The Supermodels. Those incredible amazons, beautiful, ethereal, perfectly dynamic. And in 1993 Calvin Klein changed the way models were, bringing into scene Kate Moss featuring her first campaign for “Calvin Klein’s Obsession” and launching a different type of model, a model that was free from stereotypes. With her boyish body, ethereal beauty, tinny..Kate Moss brought back to the 90s what is called “The Waif Look” transforming Calvin Klein into this young brand that touched an entire generation and are a few pictures to inspire us and remind us that we might be in 2015 but the 90s will always be in our spirit. And wearing anything you want, mixing up trainers with dresses, pink hair, Levi’s 501, Calvin Klein underwear, oversized check shirts, no make up, youth and freshness. That style is not something you can buy, is something more……..

Diane Loren

Kate Moss by Juergen Teller



Kate Moss by Phillip Newton

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