There we were on a Monday afternoon travelling through David Bowie’s music life at the V&A.

We started in a laughy sort of way, catching up on gossip, laughing at people around us, the sleepy security guard and ourselves. All of that stopped as soon us we put on the set of headphones that talked us through the exhibition with Bowie’s music. And the first song play……..

Whilst we were slowly making our way through the rooms, we started to get immersed into his world, by the end of it when we are sitting down in a massive room full of gigantic screens and Bowie’s concerts all around us, we forgot we were in London, we forgot we were at a Museum, we forgot what day it was and that we had to go back to our life’s eventually, we were just breathing and living every single moment of his music, films, life..blblabla…..

It felt like the time stopped and I was again in New York in 2002 when I saw Bowie’s for the first time at a concert at the Area festival……..

By the end of our tour I took several unauthorised photos, which made the security guard’s day a little bit more interesting, as he had to stopped his afternoon nap and followed us through the rooms to prevented me from taking anymore photos.. haha! They couldn’t stopped me!

Dian xx


thanks to the V&A for images 4,5.

Image 1,2,3 credited: Diane

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