David Bowie at V&A

From all things happening in London this weekend, the opening of  David Bowie’s exhibition at the V&A it’s the biggest highlight, pre-sale tickets continuing to set records.

“Telegraph Arts Editor-in-Chief Sarah Crompton called the exhibition “vibrant” and “thought-provoking”, adding: “[It] makes you feel you have entered the creative mind of an astonishing cultural icon, a figure whose influence and significance far exceeds his notional role as rock God.”

All I can say it’s that I am truly grateful I saw him at a concert in New York City back in the summer of 2002 with my best friend, there was the most amazing summer thunder storm I’ve ever seen..I have black in white memories of that night, and Bowie calling at the storm, he was extraordinary. There was a moment of laughter when he was singing.. “I am afraid of Americans” in NYC. 

I can tell you… It doesn’t get better than that!  I hope you all have his new number 1 album “The Next Day”  If you can.. go to see his exhibition! It’s already in my summer diary.. 🙂 

Dian xx

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