David Bowie at V&A

From all things happening in London this weekend, the opening of  David Bowie’s exhibition at the V&A is the biggest highlight, as pre-sale tickets are continue to set records..

“Telegraph Arts Editor-in-Chief Sarah Crompton called the exhibition “vibrant” and “thought-provoking”, adding: “[It] makes you feel you have entered the creative mind of an astonishing cultural icon, a figure whose influence and significance far exceeds his notional role as rock God.”

All I can say is that I am truly grateful I saw him at a concert in New York, with an amazing summer thunder storm.. singing classics like.. “I am afraid of Americans” “Heroes” “Space Oddity” with black and white memories of what it was a remarkable day “Lidia I am sure you remember… ;))”

I can tell you… It doesn’t get better than that! Incredible!  I hope you all have his new number 1 album “The Next Day”  If you can.. go to see his exhibition! It’s already in my summer diary.. 🙂 

Dian xx

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