Best Dressed at The Oscars 2013

At the Oscars this year we saw stunning, beautiful, sexy, magical, talented Actresses all dressed in the most wonderful gowns by some of the most remarkable Designers. Here is a selection of some of my favourites. But from all….. my best dress Actress with an extraordinary presence was…. Charlize Theron dressed in Dior.   

PAPERMAN “for those who still believe in Love at first sight…”

  Paperman DISNEY (full HD) (by Expe Jimenez) Just before the Oscars.. and that’s my favourite from all the nominated films! PAPERMAN Where director John Kahrs and his team using a new innovating software called Meander, integrate hand-drawn animation with computer generated techniques. Felt ecstatic after watching it! Captivating… Charming… Just brilliant! A must see!  Dian…