I’ve always known Liam Gallagher for been the front man of Oasis and 90’s songs “Whatever”, “Wonderwall”  and many others…… But that was another time, those were the 90’s when I used to weight 6stone, wear oversized t-shirts, washed 501 Levis and Adidas Gazelle trainers (still wearing those now..).

For the past 3 years we also known Liam as the Founder and Designer of menswear brand Pretty Green.

During London Collections: Men, we went to Pretty Green Presentation at The Arts Club, Dover Street. I can tell you…  Liam knows how to through a party, great music by Andy Bell, drinks and lots of dancing.. Surprisingly enough I behaved myself, didn’t get to drunk and avoided dancing on the speakers…… We can’t say the same about some of the other guests……

Collection was young, fresh and fun. With some fine cloths, and detailed outwear. Our pick is the black leather jacket.

Design Director Pat Salter told GQ the inspiration behind Pretty Green AW’13“ This season the collection uses a Nineties silhouette reworked in Sixties fabrics to create a modern twist, for example our needle cord parka. There’s loads of our signature paisley in some old and new vintage prints, worked into kaftan shirts and statement scarves. Using Liam’s archive wardrobe has been emphatic as inspiration and there’s a deliberate homage to his early days.”

We’ll have to wait until next season for those pieces, but for now check out Pretty Green Spring Summer ‘13, sure to be as cool as what is yet to come next winter!


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