My friend, started writing this post whilst having dinner…. fortunately we ended up really stuffed and drunk…. Unfortunately the post was left unfinished, therefore never saw the light in time…. Best of the night a very rich, creamy and super yummy chocolate mousse… Worse of the night an air con unit blowing freezing air on the slow cocked lamb…. 

I’m sat in La Bodega Negra is London’s Soho. I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks and to be honest, I feel a little let down. Firstly, our table was half an hour late. Not the end of the world, we had a cocktail and relaxed after a long day. Once we were seated, the staff couldn’t be nicer, unfortunately they were let down by the execution. We quickly chose our food, having been obsessing over the slow cooked lamb for two since we booked and looked at the menu online. “Would you like a starter?”, “No, we’re ok thanks”. “Maybe some tostadas and guacamole?”, “No, we’re ok thanks”. “Just while you wait for your lamb?”, “Ok, we’ll have the tostadas then”. Approximately 90 seconds later our slow cooked lamb turned up with our side of potatoes and mole (Nutella?). 10 seconds after that, our “starter” arrived….. There was a discussion with our waiter about what the point of “something while you wait for your main” is when it arrives after it, and he kindly offered to take it away and cancel it but my polite English side agreed to keep it. The lamb was good, arriving in a dish over a burner since a hunk of shoulder like that will quickly go cold while two people work their way through it. Splendid idea, except it wasn’t lit and sat as we were under the air con unit……………to be continued….B

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